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ASKA Showcases a Full-Size Concept Model of Its eVTOL’s Cockpit and Dashboard at the CES

While we’ve all come to take flying for granted, taking to the skies in a flying car is a totally different story. But while so many companies from all over the world wow us with promising models, so far, it’s all been a big tease. ASKA throws us dreamers a bone and announces it will display a full-size concept model of its eVTOL’s cockpit and dashboard at the upcoming CES (Consumer Electronics Show).

ASKAS concept model of its eCTOL’s cockpit.

Everyone who’s anyone in the tech industry looks forward to attending the annual CES held at the Las Vegas Convention Center. This year’s edition is scheduled to take place between January 5 and January 8, and while more and more companies are canceling their appearance because of the pandemics, San Francisco-based startup ASKA announces it will be there with bells and whistles, ready to show the world what it has been up to lately.

The company plans to offer attendants a preview of its ASKA Drive and Fly vehicle, which was unveiled back in spring. Well, not of the entire eVTOL, but a full-size model of its cockpit and dashboard, so that people can get a feel of how it will be to drive and fly the highly anticipated aircraft. ASKA boasts of this being an important technological milestone for the air mobility industry. A sub-scale model of the vehicle will also be on display.

ASKA’s Drive and Fly eVTOL might be eventually coming, but don’t get your hopes up about driving/flying it, unless you’re willing to dig deep into your pockets. The signature model has a “limited-edition price” of $789,000, with a $5,000 deposit being required. Trying to justify these absurd figures ASKA argues that buyers will get the VIP treatment for this amount. That includes a customized exterior and interior of the vehicle, a personalized license plate, and pilot license training.

Deliveries are scheduled to begin in 2026.

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