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Exploring the Mauritian Essence: Grays 2008 Single Cask Rum

Embarking on yet another seafaring journey to explore the most captivating realms of the global rum map, Compagnie des Indes sets sail for the enchanting archipelago of Mauritius. Nestled in the vastness of the Indian Ocean, these small, mythical volcanic islands stand alone, a distant haven on the other side of the globe.

Approximately 200 miles from the African coast, directly east of Madagascar, Mauritius rests on the same latitude as Zimbabwe. Once uninhabited, the island gained significance as a provisioning port for long sea voyages to and from India and the Middle East, with Portuguese settlers arriving in the 16th century, followed by Dutch, English, and French colonizers. Mauritius achieved independence from British rule in 1968.

Where sugar is cultivated, the art of rum distillation often follows suit. The volcanic soil and humid tropical climate, reminiscent of a greenhouse environment, create an ideal setting for sugar cultivation. Grays, the largest and oldest distillery on the island, has been a family-owned sugar plantation in Port Louis since 1838. The journey into rum production began in 1931, utilizing locally sourced sugarcane juice and molasses, along with cultivated yeast strains.

Mauritius Grays 2008, a 14-year-old column-distilled single cask rum, undergoes initial aging in the tropical climate of Mauritius, followed by additional continental maturation in France. Reserved exclusively for the Swedish market, each bottle is a testament to the craft.

Flavor Profile: Nose: Rich and aromatic, featuring notes of sweet tropical fruits, raisins, and a subtle touch of curry(!). Palate: A robust entrance unfolds with ripe banana, mango, and licorice, leading into dark chocolate and toasted bread.

Finish: An intense and prolonged finale, adorned with hints of burnt molasses, completes this Mauritian masterpiece.

Explore the exotic allure of Mauritius through the unparalleled Mauritian Grays 2008, where history, climate, and craftsmanship converge to create a symphony of flavors.

In total, only 132 bottles were produced, of which 126 were for Sweden, so hurry up now to secure your own bottle of this extraordinary rum available at Systembolaget article number 41543 for 938SEK (700ml). Cheers!

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