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Halmstad Brygghus Funky X-mas

Halmstad Brygghus Funky X-mas 2023, a limited edition Belgian stout, is a delightful exploration of complex flavors and festive notes. Pouring a rich, dark hue, this stout immediately captivates with its deep, roasted essence. The palate unfolds a harmonious blend of sweetness and robust roasted character.

What sets this stout apart is the intriguing addition of orange dessert flavors and a subtle touch of nutmeg, providing a unique and seasonal twist. The infusion of these elements adds a layer of warmth and complexity to the beer, making it a perfect companion for the winter months.

Best enjoyed between 12-16 degrees Celsius, Funky X-mas invites you to savor its intricate taste profile as it evolves with each sip. The 750ml bottle, adorned with festive charm, is priced at 149 SEK at Systembolaget 32012 and boasts an alcohol content of 10.2% by volume.

Halmstad Brygghus has crafted a festive masterpiece with Funky X-mas 2023, making it a worthy addition to any beer enthusiast’s collection. Its limited availability makes it a sought-after gem, and at 149 SEK, it’s a flavorful investment for those looking to elevate their holiday beer experience.

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