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Stay Ageless And Protect Your Skin Against The First Signs Of Ageing!

Protect your skin against the first signs of aging with the new totally vegan Dare to Dream Ageless facial care series for all skin types from Urtekram! 
Dare to dream has the delightfully fresh and wonderful scent of sun-warmed, freshly picked wild roses. Makes the skin soft and silky with nourishing natural ingredients such as moisturizing aloe vera and nourishing shea butter. Protect your colored hair with shampoo and conditioner with blue seaweed.
The Dare to Dream series has been expanded with 4 anti-aging products for the face; an ageless day cream, night cream, serum and an eye cream that all protect against the first signs of aging. Natural protective ingredients such as the antioxidant vitamin C, white ginger lily root, Asian herbal extracts and moisturizing, nourishing and refreshing ingredients such as jojoba oil, almond oil and nourishing hyaluronic acid ensure hydration and nourishment both day and night. 
Certified by Ecocert Cosmos Organic, 100% natural and vegan.

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