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More Luxury And Higher Performance – Porsche Presents The new Cayenne

Porsche has completely revamped the third generation Cayenne with new powertrains, new chassis, new design and new equipment details. The changes bring not only better performance on and off the road, but also more luxurious everyday comfort.
Porsche has thoroughly refined its successful SUV. The new Cayenne has a highly digitized display and control concept, new chassis technology and innovative high-tech details.

- It is one of the most extensive product upgrades in Porsche's history, says Michael Schätzle, responsible for the Cayenne range.

High-resolution HD Matrix LED headlights provide light that is adapted to all driving conditions, an air quality system filters out pollutants from the air inside the car and, for the first time in the Cayenne, the front-seat passengers are offered their own infotainment screen – for example, to be able to stream movies during the journey. With its extensive design upgrade and more powerful engine range, the Cayenne underlines its claim to be the sportiest car in the segment.

Digitized and driver-focused: Porsche Driver Experience

Porsche has integrated a revised design and control concept into the new Cayenne. The new Porsche Driver Experience, which was first introduced in the Porsche Taycan, focuses on the driver and his user experience. Functions that the driver uses frequently are located directly on or right next to the steering wheel. For example, the lever to the left of the steering wheel now has more functions to control driver assistance systems. Furthermore, the gear selector in the new Cayenne is now located on the instrument panel. It creates space on the new center console for storage space and for a larger air conditioning control in a sleek black design. Large, easy-to-reach controls and a haptic volume control guarantee optimal function and a refined appearance. A key ingredient in the new Porsche Driver Experience is the right balance between digital and analog elements.

For the first time, a 12.6-inch fully digital instrument cluster is included in the redesigned cockpit of the new Cayenne. It has an arched and freestanding design and has variable views. An optimized head-up display is available as an option. The standard 12.3-inch Porsche Communication Management (PCM) screen is harmoniously integrated into the new dashboard and provides access to all relevant vehicle functions. Apps such as Spotify® and Apple Music® are offered to optimize the connection in the new Cayenne. For the first time, the passenger is offered a 10.9-inch display as an option. It enhances the front seat passenger’s travel experience by displaying trip data, providing separate access to the infotainment system’s controls and providing the ability to stream video footage during the journey. A special foil prevents the driver from seeing this screen.

Refined design, innovative lighting technology

The new Cayenne now has a very expressive appearance. New front together with widened fender edges, new hood and technically appealing headlights emphasize the width of the car. Three-dimensional taillights, clean, smooth surfaces underneath and a new rear bumper with integrated license plate characterize the rear of the new Cayenne. Three new colors, a lightweight package that saves up to 33 kg, and an extensive series of rims in sizes 20 – 22 inches make it possible to configure the new Cayenne individually and dynamically.

Matrix LED headlights are now standard in the new Cayenne. HD Matrix LED headlights are available as an option. With two high-resolution modules and more than 32,000 pixels per headlight, the new technology can identify other road users and block parts of the high beam with pixel precision to avoid dazzling them. The brightness of the modules can be adjusted in more than 1,000 steps depending on the driving conditions. Custom light settings increase safety and in different driving conditions.

Porsche has also introduced an air quality system in the new Cayenne. As standard, the car can use predictive navigation data to detect when approaching a tunnel and then automatically switch on air circulation. Optionally, a sensor can detect the level of fine dust particles in the air and allow it to pass the fine dust filter several times if necessary. In addition, an ionizer can remove bacteria and other pollutants from the air, especially important for allergy sufferers.

In addition, customers can use a comprehensive series of new optimized assistance systems. Including active cruise control and cornering assistance, cornering assistance, and the improved Porsche InnoDrive as part of the adaptive cruise control. This means that the new Cayenne is even better at helping the driver in dangerous situations as well as in traffic jams on motorways and on normal two-lane roads.

Increased width between comfort and performance

Porsche now equips the Cayenne from the factory with steel suspension including Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM). New shock absorbers with two-valve technology and separate steps between compression and rebound provide optimized performance in all driving conditions. In particular, comfort at low speeds has increased and cornering ability has improved, as well as pitching and heeling have been significantly reduced. The driving experience can be further enhanced with the new air suspension with two-chamber two-valve technology. It enhances the driving experience with a soft suspension characteristic that stabilizes the vehicle and improves on-road and off-road handling – compared to both the standard suspension and the previous model. At the same time, the adaptive air suspension improves driving precision and performance, and reduces body movement in dynamic driving situations. The suspension also offers a clearer difference between Normal, Sport and Sport Plus settings.

Hybrid model with stronger engine and up to 90 km electric range

In Europe, the new Cayenne makes its debut with three different engine versions. The four-liter V8 biturbo engine developed by Porsche has undergone an extensive renewal and replaces the previous V6 engine in the Cayenne S. With a maximum power of 474 hp and a maximum torque of 600 Nm, which is 34 hp and 50 Nm more than its predecessor, accelerates both the SUV and the coupe version from 0 – 100 km/h in 4.7 seconds. Top speed is 273 km/h. The entry-level model in the Cayenne series comes with an optimized three-liter V6 turbo engine. It now develops 353 hp and 500 Nm, which is 13 hp and 50 Nm more than before.

The six-cylinder engine also forms the basis of the powertrain in the Cayenne E-Hybrid. In combination with a new electric motor that has increased engine output by 30 kW to 130 kW (176 hp), the total engine output has been increased to 470 hp. Equipped with a high-voltage battery where the capacity has been increased from 17.9 kWh to 25.9 kWh, depending on the equipment level, a range with electric operation of up to 90 kilometers is now possible according to the WLTP. A new on-board charger of 11 kW shortens the charging time at a sufficiently powerful charging station to less than two and a half hours despite increased battery capacity. While driving, the optimized e-hybrid settings increase the car’s efficiency.

Extended standard equipment from SEK 950,000

The standard equipment in the Cayenne has been significantly increased and includes Matrix LED headlights, Porsche Active Suspension Management, 20-inch wheels, front and rear parking assistance including reversing camera and smartphone storage with inductive charger up to 15 watts.

Prices in Sweden for the new Cayenne start at SEK 950,000 (Coupé from SEK 990,000). Cayenne E-Hybrid costs from SEK 1,090,000 (Coupé from SEK 1,120,000) and Cayenne S starts at SEK 1,150,000 (Coupé from SEK 1,200,000). The new models are available to order from now.

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